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The Atlantic Christian Ashram began in 1969. This 5-day retreat is held each year in July at the Berwick Campgrounds in Berwick, NS, Canada. The campgrounds are rented from the United Church Camp Meeting Association and consist of over 25 acres on the edge of the town in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. It is a unique setting beneath a canopy of 100-foot tall hemlock trees.


Here’s a little glimpse of what the Atlantic Christian Ashram is like

What is a Christian Ashram?

A Christian Ashram is a unique retreat that is Christ-centered and gives individuals an opportunity to discover Christian answers for victorious daily living in the 21st century while proclaiming
Jesus is Lord!


Rev. Brian Bourque
We are pleased to welcome Brother Brian Bourque as our Evangelist at this year’s Atlantic Christian Ashram. Brian is a Graduate of ASK Bible School and has a Bachelor of Theology from Victory Bible College International. He has been in ministry for over 25 years and in these years of ministry he has planted a number of Churches. He has also traveled Preaching and Ministering across Canada and the United States. At the moment he is the Lead Pastor at Center Point Victory Church in Rothesay N B. He also has a passion to see the Gospel of Christ Preached to the lost and dying world and to express the Faith of Love and Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was born in Shemoque, NB and he has been married to his wife Teena for 24 years. He has one daughter who is at University in Calgary, studying Theology and Intercultural Studies. We look forward to Brother Brian’s ministry at this year’s Ashram.


Stephen Dempster
We are pleased to welcome Brother Stephen Dempster as our Bible Study Leader at this year’s Atlantic Christian Ashram. Stephen Dempster, PhD. is a professor of Religious Studies at Crandall University in Moncton, New Brunswick. Stephen is now an Emeritus Professor. Stephen has studied at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia and the University of Toronto. He has published in the area of Old Testament Canon and Biblical Theology and has a recent interest in Bible Translation, having spent a recent sabbatical in Cameroon, West Africa. He has taught Old Testament and Hebrew Language at Crandall University for over thirty years, a small Christian liberal arts school in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Stephen is passionate about trying to connect Scripture with life in our postmodern world. He has written two books (Dominion and Dynasty, Micah: A Theological Commentary) and numerous articles. He is currently writing commentaries on Genesis and Jeremiah. He also loves the game of baseball, and is a life-long fan of the Detroit Red Wings. We look forward to his ministry as Bible Study Leader at this year’s Ashram.


 Dates for Next Year’s Ashram 

July 11-16, 2024

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Rev. Brian Bourque

Bible Study Leader
  Rev. Stephen Dempster

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 Berwick Campgrounds

115 Commercial Street
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(902) 538-9380

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