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The Atlantic Christian Ashram began in 1969. This 5-day retreat is held each year in July at the Berwick Campgrounds in Berwick, NS, Canada. The campgrounds are rented from the United Church Camp Meeting Association and consist of over 25 acres on the edge of the town in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. It is a unique setting beneath a canopy of 100-foot tall hemlock trees.

What is a Christian Ashram?

A Christian Ashram is a unique retreat that is Christ-centered and gives individuals an opportunity to discover Christian answers for victorious daily living in the 21st century while proclaiming
Jesus is Lord!


Rev. Stephen Fenton
We are pleased to welcome Brother Stephen Fenton as our Evangelist at this year’s Atlantic Christian Ashram. Rev. Stephen was born and raised in Northern Ireland, leaving there in 1982 to take up a pastorate in Prince Edward Island. Since 1982 he has ministered in churches either in PEI or his beloved Cape Breton. He is presently living in Cape Breton and teaching full time at Munro Academy, fulfilling teaching and administrative roles for the school. Stephen is still preaching twice a month at a local church. He lives in the spectacular Bras’dor with his childhood sweetheart and two of his seven children. He also has thirteen beautiful grandchildren who bring him great joy as often as he sees them or can Facebook with them. Brother Stephen loves the beautiful emphasis of the Ashram movement upon Jesus as supreme in all things. We look forward to his ministry as the Evangelist at this year’s Ashram.


Rev. Perry Cooper
We are pleased to welcome Brother Perry Cooper as our Bible Study Leader at this year’s Atlantic Christian Ashram.  Rev. Perry was raised in the fishing village of Trinity East, Newfoundland.  One of four boys, he grew up in a home where family and church life were intertwined.  At the age of 15 while Bible reading, Perry experienced an intense infilling of the Holy Spirit and, shortly thereafter, felt a call placed on his life to pursue ministry.   In 1987 at the age of 21, Perry entered the Church Army College of Evangelism and in 1989 was commissioned an Evangelist in the Anglican Church.  In 1997 Perry was ordained a Deacon and in 1998 was ordained a Priest.  Over the years Perry has served in Manitoba, Newfoundland, Ontario, Northwest Territories, and Yukon.  The Coopers currently reside in Miramichi, New Brunswick where he serves as a parish priest and territorial archdeacon.  Perry received his theological training from Church Army College of Evangelism, Thorneloe University and Education for Ministry Canada.
After 32 years of ministry, Perry still has a heart for the hurting and the lost, and nothing brings him joy more than seeing a person come alive in their faith.  Perry’s favourite book of the Bible is the Gospel of John with his favourite verse being John 1:12 ” But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God.”
Perry has been married to Kallie, for 29 years. They have two children: Victoria, who is married to the Rev. Jeffrey Blackwood – Grand Falls/Windsor, NL and son, Jonah who is studying Marine Navigation in Cape Breton.  In February 2021, Edward was born to Jeff and Victoria – the Coopers’ first grandchild.  Perry is an avid outdoorsman and passionate conservationist.  His hobbies include hunting, fishing, canoeing, hiking, camping, traditional Scouting and mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Perry and Kallie are the servants of three orange house cats – Tim, Nellie and Manly.
The Coopers have attended several Ashrams, dearly loving their time spent with the Ashram family.  We look forward to his ministry as the Bible Study Leader at Ashram in the summer of 2022.


Next Years Dates 

July 8-13, 2023

For more info contact any of the Twelve. 

Speakers for 2023 will be updated when they have been verified.

Rev. Stephen Fenton

Bible Study Leader
  Rev. Perry Cooper

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