The Atlantic Christian Ashram

The Atlantic Christian Ashram began in 1969. This 5-day retreat is held each year in July at the Berwick Campgrounds in Berwick, NS, Canada. The campgrounds are rented from the United Church Camp Meeting Association and consist of over 25 acres on the edge of the town in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. It is a unique setting beneath a canopy of 100-foot tall hemlock trees.

Here’s a little glimpse of what the Atlantic Christian Ashram is like:

What is a Christian Ashram?

A Christian Ashram is a unique retreat that is Christ-centered and gives individuals an opportunity to discover Christian answers for victorious daily living in the 21st century while proclaiming
Jesus is Lord!

Dwight and Kristen

Dwight & Kristen Habermehl


We are pleased to welcome Brother & Sister Dwight & Kristen as our Evangelists at this year’s Atlantic Christian Ashram. Dwight & Kristen have been married for 30 years, They have five children and one grandchild. Dwight is the owner of a design/build company in Halifax for over two decades. Dwight is also the leader of a ministry for pastors and leaders called Aaron Ministries Network; as a leader and a follower of Jesus, he has a passion for encouraging people in their walk with the Lord. He also loves ATVing, camping, and getting out in nature.

Kristen works as an accessibility assessor and instructor, speaking and training professionals how to assess built environments. She loves reading, knitting, and exploring our beautiful province, and as a follower of Jesus, Kristen embraces any opportunity to be part of encouraging others in their journey of faith. We look forward to their ministries as the Evangelists at this year’s Ashram.


Rev. Jamie MacArthur


We are pleased to welcome Brother Jamie as our Bible Study Leader at this year’s Atlantic Christian Ashram. He grew up around the Ashram and its people, nourished and encouraged in his faith and the use of his gifts by this remarkable community of everyday believers. He is the son of Gordon and Donna MacArthur, and big brother to Tena, Rob and Wendy. Jamie and Christy are celebrating 30 years of marriage this summer! They have 3 beloved young adult children.

Jamie has a Bachelor of Arts in English and French from Acadia University, and trained there for ministry as well, receiving his Master of Divinity degree from Acadia Divinity College. In recent years, he has had the privilege of studying the mission of the Church, giving some time and reflection to the Ashram community, and to the writing and ministry of its founder, E. Stanley Jones. In Christ, we have received a rich heritage through the Ashram over the years, and Jamie is eager to see how God will use this retreat to bless current and future generations, as they come to know and serve Jesus as Lord. He is Lord indeed!

An experienced pastor and youth pastor, Jamie currently serves as Atlantic Director for Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship, helping raise up students, staff, and volunteers so that students may be encouraged and grow in their faith and service to Jesus Christ in their places of study and work. We look forward to his ministry as the Bible Study Leader at this year’s Ashram.


Dates for Next Year’s Ashram 

July 11-16, 2024

*** New*** Thursday - Tuesday

For more info contact any of the Twelve. 

Dwight & Kristen Habermehl

Bible Study Leader
Rev. Jamie MacArthur

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