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The Atlantic Christian Ashram began in 1969. This 5-day retreat is held each year in July at the Berwick Campgrounds in Berwick, NS, Canada. The campgrounds are rented from the United Church Camp Meeting Association and consist of over 25 acres on the edge of the town in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. It is a unique setting beneath a canopy of 100-foot tall hemlock trees.

What is a Christian Ashram?

A Christian Ashram is a unique retreat that is Christ-centered and gives individuals an opportunity to discover Christian answers for victorious daily living in the 21st century while proclaiming
Jesus is Lord!

Rev. Robin Trevors


Rev. Robin Trevors
We are pleased to welcome Brother Robin Trevors as our Evangelist at this year’s Atlantic Christian Ashram. He is no stranger to the Atlantic Christian Ashram and many of you will remember him. Brother Robin is a graduate of  the Church Army of Canada School of Evangelism and of Thornloe University, has been in full-time ministry for over 25 years. A good portion of his ministry was spent as a missionary in the Northwest Territories. And presently, he is serving in the Diocese of Central Newfoundland at St. Mary’s Church in Clarenville. There is a real spiritual and physical growth within the congregation there, especially with the young people. Robin is a single father of two wonderful daughters currently studying in University. We look forward to Brother Robin’s ministry at this year’s Ashram.

Rev. Jerry Reddy


Rev. Jerry Reddy
We are pleased to welcome Brother Jerry Reddy as our Bible Study Leader at this year’s Atlantic Christian Ashram. Jerry has been serving as Hillside’s Senior Pastor since 1993. Jerry is a visionary leader with a passion to communicate & connect the relevance of the Church and the Christian faith in today’s world. It’s been a tremendous ride leading Hillside over the past 20 years and there’s a real sense that the best days are ahead. Jerry also serves on the board of The Leadership Willow Creek Canada and has been a regional champion for the Global Leadership Summit for many years. His wife Karen (Parlee) is from Moncton, and they are the proud parents of Kristen, Jana and Ryan. A native New Englander by birth, Jerry is now a New Brunswicker by choice. A graduate of Atlantic Baptist University (Moncton) and Gordon Cornwell Theological Seminary (Boston), he has over 25 years of ministry experience. Prior to Hillside, he served as the Associate Pastor for Youth/Christian Education at Main Street Baptist Church in Saint John. Beyond his pastoral work, Jerry also enjoys life, laughter, reading, travel and pretty much all sports. And he will be disappointed if there’s no golfing in Heaven. We look forward to his ministry as Bible Study Leader at this year’s Ashram.

    July 14 – 19

Rev. Brain Bourque

Bible Study Leader
Rev. Steven Demster

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 Berwick Campgrounds

115 Commercial Street
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(902) 538-9380

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