Nursery & Youth Programs

A nursery is provided for babies and toddlers up to the age of 3 years. Youth programs consist of a children's program (age 4-10), a junior/intermediate youth program (age 11-14), and a senior youth program (age 15-19) and young adult program      (age 19-35)

Prayer & Share Groups

These small groups allow participants to reflect on what they have heard, share what they feel, encourage each other in faith, and pray for each other in love.

Music Ministry

Praise and worship through music is an integral part of the Ashram experience. There are worship teams for the children's ministry, youth ministries and the adult program.

Prayer Vigil

The pulse beat of the Christian Ashram is the 24-hour prayer vigil that runs throughout the entire 5-days. Everyone is given an opportunity to sign-up for the prayer vigil in the chapel.

Daily Schedule
7:30 AM Rising Bell
7:30 AM Morning Devotional
8:00 AM Breakfast in Dining Hall
9-12 Nursery & Youth Programs
  Worship Music & Prayer
  Bible Study Leader
  Prayer & Share Groups
12:15 Lunch in Dining Hall
1-4 Rest & Informal Fellowship
  Nursery & Youth Programs
4-5 Prayer & Share Groups
5:00 PM Supper in Dining Hall
  Nursery & Youth Programs
7-9 Worship Music & Prayer
  Lay Witness
9-10:15 Lunch & Fellowship in Dining Hall
11:00 PM Silence Bell
All are asked to observe a silence between 11:00 PM and 7:30 AM


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